Christmas DIY with Essential Oils!  Free E-book and Free Printables!
Christmas DIY with Essential Oils with Free Printables!

Well hello there, and welcome! Please join in me this virtual "Gathering!"

I often host a Gathering in my home where we get together and learn and enjoy!  It's getting to close to the holidays, and few of us have time to head out for one, so let's do some virtual learning! 

Here you will find how to make 3 of my most popular DIY giftables with essential oils AND labels! Let' take a look!  

 Christmas Foaming Hand Soap! (Click the Pic)Foaming Hand Soap

#2:  Christmas Room Scenter, AKA "Smelly Jelly" (Click the Pic)

#3 Christmas Room Spray (Click the Pic) 

Are you just brimming with ideas now?  A simple trip to the dollar store or hardware store will help you snag bottles and jars.  On Amazon, search out "foaming hand soap bottles" and Avery 22807 labels.  Amazon and many stores sells Dr. Bronners Baby-Mild Castile Soap and Vegatable glycerin.  My water crystals are from WaterSorb, but those can also be found at hardware stores or good ol' Amazon.  If you like the whole "one stop shop" idea, I've compiled a list via Amazon:  Amazon shopping list

Looking for my FREE Printable labels from my 3 video's?  

My famous "Christmas Blend!"
You can sub in Northern Lights Black Spruce for Juniper
Other alternative:  Mix our Evergreen Essence with Christmas Spirit! 
Or, try our Simplified Winter Collection, which comes with a FREE diffuser! (Limited time offer!) Winter oils with FREE diffuser! 

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