First of all, I'm really glad y'all are finally washing your hands lol.

Before I get to the tips, a few things need to be delivered off of my chest an on to this post.
*Authors completely unknown on the following ingenious memes!

Are you like me?  SICK of all the hysteria?  The bi-polar stock market?  People fighting over toiler paper and paper towels?  A SOAP shortage??  (Because apparently hand washing was not that important before???)

True Story: I was in a public restroom a few years ago, lazily looking at the sign "All Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work" (while I was washing my OWN hands...), when someone exited the stall, sauntered over the the next sink, and rinsed one hand.  I felt like adding "but everyone else can just rinse one hand". :D. Did she really think the dirtiest thing in that public restroom was her apparently urine soiled hand?????

We live in a gross germy world.  Indoors and out.  Viruses that come FROM animals in nature are still yet to emerge.  (Swine flu ring a bell??). And yet God also gave us an intelligent and magnificent creation designed to sustain life.  I'm no scientist, I'm not a health professional, but I read and study and use a lot of common sense.  Unlike the following:

Ha!  Ok, maybe an over-exaggeration, but with the lack of respiratory masks and people buying 300 hand purifiers from the dollar stores, it's not much of a stretch!  They are not buying them for themselves, they are being purchased to price inflate by a gross and greedy amount to sell to people that, in my opinion, the media has underserved by over-reporting.  "Irresponsible Hysteria".  For people like my husband, they are succeeding in creating a panic!  He machine-gun fires the panic vitriol at me daily: 

"The president says all who need to be tested will be, but there aren't enough test kits!" 
"The futures are down 1500 points!"  (or some other kind of market talk...) Ok, he was right there!
"People should stop traveling!" (Except us of course, as we have a trip planned)
"People need to be quarantined!" (Except him of course, as his is far too important and has far to much to do)

Sorry Babe - the damage is already done. People are testing positive long before AND after symptoms. That ship has sailed - literally. The only time people stay put is when they literally cannot move due to being very ill, and then they get up as soon as they can and do their thing.  It has not changed in the past and won't change in the future.  Self quarantine - lol!  Oh sure, I trust the world to "self quarantine" itself. Sheesh! It's here, we will all be exposed.  But why do we fear this more than the standard annual yearly flu epidemics?

What is a coronavirus?

Coronaviruses (plural) are now new and have been around for a while.  Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause disease in animals. Seven, including the new virus, have made the jump to humans, but most just cause cold-like symptoms.  Even just calling is "Coronavirus" is incorrect.

I know I was having a little fun above, but please know, I do take this seriously, and I am very aware that for some, this poses a very serious risk.  This rodent associated virus is new, and while we currently don't have a natural resistance to it, that does not mean you automatically will succumb! If you are not in a high risk category, and you are taking the good precautions you should always take anyway, my opinion is that you should calm down - trust your body!  Every new virus is one our bodies will learn to resist.  And if your immune system is strong, many of us can fight it off completely or some will fight it while sick off and recover.  Here's more science than you thought you wanted today lol, but I once read a Dr. talk about how Neutrophils work (what the heck ARE they, right?) They are one of the "white" blood cells. He said it's almost like they release their own little version of "bleach", so to speak, in our blood stream to kill invasive bacteria. (Microbes) Learn Here!  

Folks our best defense is a good offense. Just like in sports - work on that offensive line!  You can do so much to keep that immune system strong, or build its strength.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Wash those hands!  Like always, not just now. 
  • Carry your Thieves Hand Purifier and Thieves Spray.  Put them to use!  (Do this every year!)
  • Get enough rest
  • Get fresh air
  • Get some exercise!  Even a little is better than none!
  • Pray or Meditate. Even sitting a few days in silence just to breathe does SO much!
  • Cut down on sugar - work to eliminate it.  Disease LOVES sugar!
  • Eat real food.  Cutting out fast food right now, especially, is so important.  When you prepare you own food, you know who has touched it and breathed on it.  And then when this all passes - keep up this good habit
  • USE. YOUR. OILS! *See my FAVES below! Make SURE they are high quality oils!
  • Take Vitamin B, C, Zinc, and a good Probiotic
  • Use Elderberry Syrup!  (Read why HERE!). Recipe for mine coming soon!
  • Drink your NingXia Red - learn why HERE
  • Check out my fave Young Living supplements that I use daily, all year around (see below)


Soooo many of you have high quality oils, like those from  Young Living  just sitting around, just callin' your name. "Use me, Use me!  I can help you!  (lol)  Oils are not bandaids, and they are not crafts.  They should be used daily.  Like breathing, and oxygen, or just getting outside for heaven's sake - they are for daily use! The help every body system including your immune system -ding ding ding!!  Do you own one of the versions of The Essential Oil Pocket Reference? Just look up any oil, you'll see.  Two of my faves are Thieves  and Immupower.  I'll use one OR the other on the bottoms of my feet daily- all year around.  I use Thieves Vitality internally often. I'm that girl on the plane you see dumping drops of Thieves in my mouth! 

Since we are on heightened alert of the unknown, use your head a bit!  Use Thieves Wipes Thieves Spray and Thieves Hand Purifier while out and about, or keep them in your vehicle and use them when you get back in the car.  Like our Thieves Cleaner, these items are both effective and non-toxic.  Plant based items get their power and fragrance from plants.

Can't find them or can't wait?  Make your own!  My Young Living members get an AWESOME e-book chock-full of diy recipes :D. 


I love my oils! But I know I need vitamins, minerals and herbs as I also know my food is not perfect. Unless you very carefully grow all of your own and do not eat one single processed thing, neither is yours.  If you are reading this, you are in a modern society, and we have made some trade-offs.  I supplement my diet and oils with the Young Living carefully created and essential oil infused supplements.  Supplements (and oils!) are not FDA regulated, so unless they are prescription strength, the only thing the FDA will dictate is what is printed on the label.  Nobody except the manufacturer of your supplement tests that what they say is on the label actually IS on the label.  Sometimes you get more, or less (both bad) of what the label says, or you can get something you body cannot assimilate, which creates expensive waste.  A good, reputable company not only self tests, they do voluntary FDA and other third party testing.  Young Living does that AND we also have essential oil infused supplements, synergistically designed to enhance each other.  This increases the uptake and effectiveness of your supplements.  My favorite supplements for my immune system are shown here:  

ImmuPro, Inner Defense, Super C, Life 9 (and I also love Super B) as well as Ningxia Red are part of my daily needs. In fact ImmuPro also helps me sleep!  The essential oil capsule of Thieves, Lemon, Oregano and Frankincense Vitality oils is also a good idea, especially in times like these.   I just read a comment online today wondering why the toilet paper, paper town and rubbing alcohol shelves are empty, but the shelves of supplements are not???? 

Friends, use your head, learn and keep good habits, and live your life!  If someone needs a hug, don't be a jerk - give them one!  If you "accidentally" shake someones hand, then you shook their hand.  If you haven't been taking care to improve immune system, start now.  Seriously folks.... You already HAVE one, so it IS working for you even if you accidentally shook someones hand ;).    But seriously, wash those crazy hands lol!  I have always been a hand washer, and I will always be.  And have fun! I think that improves your immune system too :D
(Stay tuned for the Elderberry Syrups recipe that I LOVE!)

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