September News and Tips!

September News!

I hope you are able to read the new newsletter format?  Lots of great info again!!  

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Welcome to September! 

Before I even get to this month's recipes, I HAVE to share some of the biggest news we have heard all year long! 
Are you ready?!
A new program called YL GO and YL GO+ is now available. This is a subscription shipping service that provides you with FREE, fast, and convenient shipping all year long!
Basically, it's like Amazon Prime but WAY better because YL GO offers free shipping on ALL of its products. 
I already signed up for the YL GO+ to get FREE SHIPPING on 36 orders a year. That means shipping on all 12 of my Essential Rewards orders will be covered as well as 24 MORE Quick Orders. Your products also come in 2-4 days! It's worth EVERY PENNY.  
Do you need more NingXia Red or a last minute birthday gift before your next ER order processes? Do you want to cash in your ER points for free products and you don't want to pay to ship them? No problem. With YL GO+ you get FREE SHIPPING on 24 Quick Orders a year!
At a cost of $129, YL GO+ will save you ten times the cost of shipping over the year. You also get discounted shipping if you go above and beyond your 36 orders. 
The other option is the YL GO subscription for $59 annually. This covers all 12 of your ER orders and throws in an extra 13th ER order with free shipping with your first subscription.


See how many orders you have left under YL Go.

I don't make one single PENNY on YL Go or YL Go+ membership sales but I LOVE this option and think it's so great of Young Living to do this for us!!  Because I love this and YOU, I am going to bless ONE of you with your membership fee BACK!!!

 Here are the details for a shot at earning YLGO's fee BACK from me! **

1. Join at either level

2. Show me via messenger or email me at

3. New to ER? Join ER and YL go - get two entries!

4. I will pull one lucky winner at the beginning of October so you have today through September 30. Good luck!!

**5. Your refund will be in the form of a product credit. The great new is that you can use product credits to pay for ANYTHING!! So that means it can be used to pay for your ER! You just call when you are ready to check out and ask the to apply the product credit to your payment

Now that you are super stoked about getting free shipping, let's talk about...
  • End of the summer recipes.
  • Upcoming classes.
  • Business oil of the month.

End of Summer Recipes. 

Let's celebrate the end of summer with a Summer Sangria. Perfectly refreshing for your Labor Day festivities or to wind down on these last few summer nights. Share how you are relaxing with your Sangria on social media with the hashtags #SummerSangria and #YLinfusedSangria