My Covid Story! How I prepared, How I Fared, and a few Emotional Lessons Learned


I have been mentioning on my Instagram that my husband and I both had Covid in early November.  I wanted to share my personal story of how I used my products to both prepare, endure and recover.  I am not a medical professional, but I am one who has spent countless hours in the last 2 years in research on all things "C",  including talking to medical professionals.  But, dear people in my life still have some incredibly unflattering opinions of what I have learned.  It's so sad.  Most of those that mock me (yes - people that know me personally) have not spent 1/100th of the time that I have spent. You see, I don't just take someone's word for it without research, even if they are a doctor. Show me your work.  Show me your studies.  I go after those studies, and I dig and dig and dig.  If it doesn't lead to proof, it's not a valid parameter to prove anything.  Two years has not been enough time to prove anything anyway.  All we have is the data that has been collected.  And some of that has been pulled already. So what can you rely on?  What you know about the human body. And that I have been studying for seven years.  Will I ever get the respect I deserve for my research? Probably not.

But hey - it's ok. It's one of the things God worked on as I was recovering. My ability to have compassion instead of anger and/or hurt feelings.  And my deep desire for this to end. All of it.  This virus, the problems with the "cures", the complete lack of treatment out there, and how Satan has worked to divide us. 

So, I learned a few heart things as I was recovering, and I wanted to share my heart with you for that. I hope you appreciate it!

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