You Fall Candle Experience Just Got a Massive Upgrade!

You Fall Candle Experience Just Got a Massive Upgrade!


Oooh laaa laah!! Your fall home scenting will never be the same one you try these all new "just for the smell of it" oils in the brand new, just launched Simplified Fall  collection!  (Click HERE)

This is the second in the line of limited edition oils created by Jacob and Kait Young, designed mainly for the beautiful aroma blends!  But as usual, there is always an emotional the cleansing benefit when you diffuser pure high quality essential oils.


This set just launched this morning, and it will sell out fast!  

Are you new to essential oils? So was Kait a few years ago, and while she now understands the many health benefits, at first, she just wanted the lovely smells and to stop using candles. If this is you, this is the PERFECT path for your foray into essential oils.  You need a diffuser, so if you don't have one, I added some choices to this wish list.  AND, to help you out even more, if you create a new account using my link, I'll send you your CHOICE of a mini diffuser to enjoy!  If can be your starter one OR the one you add.  No house can have toooo many diffusers!  New account diffuser choices will be shown below.

βœ¨πŸ–€πŸ‚ SIMPLIFIED by Jacob & Kait βœ¨πŸ–€πŸ‚

This is the EASY button right here! πŸ™ŒπŸΌThree GORGEOUS Fall blends that are already curated for you! There’s no need to blend multiple oils to get your home smelling like the magic of autumn with cozy sweaters, cooler temps, spiced cider or ginger cookies!! This is the perfect way to swap out harsh chemicals in candles or plug-ins for clean and safe plant alternatives! Just pop these in your diffuser and you’re done! ✨✨ 

πŸ‚COZY CABIN  // coconut, hong kuai, hinoki, sage, black spruce, vetiver, cedarwood
Cozy Cabin has a woodsy, smoky aroma that transforms your space into a snug, intimate escape in the mountains. This delightful blend features Hong Kuai essential oil from our farm in Taitung, Taiwan!

🌰 GINGERSNAPS // coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, tangerine, ginger, ocotea
Gingersnaps is just like it sounds - it has a homey, cheerful aroma that turns your space into a warm, sweet-smelling bakeshop. You can almost taste the spicy-sweet aroma. It’s made with real Madagascar Vanilla oleoresin. 

🍊ORANGE SPICED CIDER  // orange, nutmeg, cassia, bitter orange
This one is my faveeee!!!! It has a festive, rich, citrus, cinnamon aroma that’s perfect for cozying up inside around the fire as the weather gets cooler. I love the addition of Cassia to this blend!

These blends are so delicious - they even taste good!  (shhh!  You didn't hear that from me ;)  )
πŸ–€ Diffuse these for all the cozy vibes
πŸ–€ Use in a fab Autumn room spray
πŸ–€ Add to bath salts and mix well before adding to a cozy bath!


You're finally ready! And why not - this set is stellar!   Click the link below for a wish list that will pop up with the collection and some lovely diffuser choices! The diffusers in the wish list are optional of course, but take a look at how pretty they are!  Lucia and Lustre are both  amazing - and clearance priced!   And you can select a light setting on them (and all of our diffusers) to match the fall vibe.  If you create your new customer account with this set, I'll be in tough for which mini diffuser you want me to send you as a thank you!  Chose from the one on the right here or the 2 options below.

If you have any questions, just let me know :). Got questions?
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