That's right! I have a very special offer this month of December 2022 for all new and reactivated accounts!**!  Purchase ANY of our starter bundles, including the new Simplified Winter Collection, and get your choice of a Haven, Ember, or Lucia Diffuser from me! 

If you have had one our generous STARTER BUNDLES on your wish list, or if someone you love would LOVE some oils, what a great way to start!!  We have awesome new bundles, including our adorable SPROUT The Puppy limited release bundle!  

I just got off a biz meeting call tonight where we got to share the AMAZING things that our products can do for you. Friends - it never ceases to amaze me just how powerful essential oils are in wellness! Not only do I experience it first hand in MY life, but I get to hear real life reports from people that I know and love tell me testimonies of life changing results. It feeds me - it's why I do what I do, and I'm still SO excited to do it!  The only way to get results from essential oils is to actually use them .... more than a day or two!  A starter bundle for someone you love is truly a loving gift!!  

This offer is only through me - that EXTRA diffuser will not come from YL.  You get to pick from the above, and it's first come first served.  

Act FAST if you want this in time for Christmas using standard shipping!  The deal is good ALL month however, so if you see this and know it won't get there in time, there is a good chance my gift WILL!  Or, if you got some Christmas cash to spend, you have until Dec. 31 to cash in on this and get your lovely "surprise to me!" gift in dreary January!  Make sure your bundle has some Lemon in it to brighten up those days lol!  

I'm here for any questions!  

**This offer is limited to my clients only and is not from Young Living

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