Happy February! 

It's the month of LOVE and I have lots of great things to share with you this month! All month long, we're talking about ways to show some of our 'forgotten' body systems some extra TLC. We're also sharing some really practical ways to get better results with your oils, supplements, skincare, etc! Plus a yummy healthy cookie recipe, diffuser combos for love month, DIY Slime for the kiddos, and other fun things!  

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(What you really need to know for the month!)

First off - let's start with the HUGE savings, Black Friday style, on NingXia Red!!  

I always order my Red with the "Loyalty Bundle" as it's simply the best deal.  Now, It's even better!  Get NingXia Red (plenty for the "Reset", or a several months supply if you only drink an ounce or two a day)  by just adding the loyalty bundle to your loyalty account!  If you don't have loyalty - do it for a month and then cancel. Easy Peasy.  
Next we have our Excellent Free Gift's with Purchase, and also a new Health Plan that could save you tons on your insurance!  

Here are the Promo's:  

 For more details on our Promo's, go HERE: Promo details and tips

And here is something that shocked and delighted me - a Health Sharing Option!  Do you pay buckets for a health are plan that you barely use, but keep for emergencies?  I do.  I pay about $13,000 a year and have a deductible that's over $7000.  $20,000 a year for "just in case". This plan will cut my "just in case" costs in half, and it will pay for previously denied alternative care. And, I can do to any health practitioner.  

You may be blessed with excellent health insurance, so this won't interest you, but many are in the position I'm in!  It even has options for 65+ as your alternative secondary coverage!! 
For More Details on the new Health SHARING plan, available for ALL YL members, please go HERE.Health Sharing Options!  
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