As we begin the transition from summer to fall, you may find that your routines are shifting again. Going from those long summer days to earlier bedtimes and from planning beach trips to packing lunches, it can be harder to stick to those regular daily habits. 

 Was one of your habits using our Slique line?  Young Living is paring down the items in that line that were not big sellers, so a few are in the "Last Drop" section.  If you were a fan of thslique assiste Slique shake, you will want to stock up! It's not on sale yet, but not everything in last drop actually goes on sale.  I will keep you all posted if it does!  I'm REALLY glad that we are KEEPING the tea and the gum. Did you know that Slique Gum is actually chewable Frankincense resin?  (I just found that our myself!).   

To help you determine which is going out and which are staying, I've created two wish lists:  DISCONTINUED SLIQUE

These items, including one of my most favorite teas, is staying!  SLIQUE PERMANENT PRODUCTS

I want to help you make sure that your health is not something that falls by the wayside! We want to stay ahead of the game this fall and be proactive about using your oils and supplements daily to keep you and your family healthy.

Here are some tips for using your oils and oil-infused products every day … 

  • Have your oils and supplements OUT and visible. If they are stored deep in a cluttered drawer they will be out of sight, out of mind. Keep them on a stand, a shelf, on a counter, wherever you will SEE them and use them.
  • Label and/or organize your oils. Group them in similar colors or organize them alphabetically. You could even set them apart based on certain needs you have. 
  • Make rollers. Rollers provide a quick, convenient way to dilute your oils and have them ready for application whenever you or your family has a need. 
  • Pair your oils with other daily activities you’re already accustomed to. Set a roller by your toothbrush so you apply it every morning. Have a bottle of oil and a carafe of water sitting next to your diffuser on your bedside table so you don’t forget to diffuse at bedtime. Set rollers or sprays near the backdoor where you store your shoes or purse and use them on your way out.

Save or print this graphic to keep on hand if you need the reminder. 🙂


Elderberry Syrup

Don't forget to register for the ELEVATED ELDER
BERRY WORKSHOP!!  It will be awesome!!  RSVP's are required - please register here:  ELDERBERRY RSVP


As I teased above, I have some FUN stuff in the works!!  Here are my fall gatherings and their potential dates:  

October 26:  Wellness workshop and fun night!  Check out of NEW products, Grab an idea sheet with OODLES of fall wellness tips, make a wellness roller and also get in on my ONE AND ONLY DIY BRACELET  night of the year!  


November 16:  Holiday Prep!    It's your ONLY chance this year to make diy LIP BALMS and also a new fun idea - Oil lanterns!  Review our gift collection from YL too.  Gotta get these gifts done! 

December 7:  Last minute gift idea!  DIY Infused Honey!   Super last minute person?  Here is a chance to make the perfect hostest gift:  DIY infused Honey!  Infused, of course, with only the best - our Young Living Vitality Essential oils. 

2024 (yikes!) TBD Spring date for DIY SIMPLE SYRUP!     Get ready for summer drink season and learn how to make a DIY simple syrup! Infused with Young Living Vitality essential oils.  

Monthly Gifts with Purchase


CLICK HERE to check out this month's gifts with purchase!   Fun fact:  Did you know that NUTMEG HELPS WITH NERVE PAIN?  If you suffer from neuralgia and/or neuritis, give it a try!  Topically works fastest, and it may or not need dilution with a carrier oil. It's also an EXCELLENT oil for internal use as it's SO good for your adrenal glands, is a natural anti-coagulant, helps protect your stomach, and SO much more. Don't just let your nutmeg essential oil sit on a shelf!  


But how about 
Orange Essential Oil.  No doubt you have tried it - it's inexpensive and wonderful!  Diffused it's so fresh, and it also is AWESOME at deodorizing a room!  But what else can this special oil do?  Well, since it smells like a popular de-gunking product, my guess is that it's in it 😉.  Try it "straight" for a more stain-free degunking experience.  I love it with my toothpaste as it helps with those pearly whites. It's also RICH in Limonene.  I am limited in what I can say regarding health and oils where illness and disease are concerned, and rightly so as I a researcher but not a scientist. But, as I said, I am a researcher, and I love reading about things like this!: Limonene study NIH article.

Speaking of "degunking".....Orange is one of my most FAVE oils for the "gunk" than can collect in our lungs (cough cough) when we are under the weather!  

September wellness box ideas feature the perfect products for everyday use! 

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Order ideas

(To find any of the above, click on the pic!  Then type the product name in the search bar) 

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Have a great week friends - we will chat more soon! 

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