Let freedom ring dog
Friends, have a wondDiffuse outsideerful and safe holiday! Let Freedom Ring!  And let "Health Freedom Ring" as well!  Remember, health is still currently a right and a choice in this country, even though it sometimes doesn't feel that way.  Speak up for yourself with grace, but never let others make you feel shame for your choices.

May your time with family and friends be blessed, and hopefully Canadian Wild-Fire smoke free...ugh.  I think we are in for quite the cycle of this for a bit.  Essential oils clean the air just as plants do, so keep those diffusers running! I use mine outside in the summer (with Citronella - every. year). At least you can keep a bit of your personal air space a bit cleaner.

(Speaking of those smoke plumes,  here is a favorite app I use to see where the smoke is now:  Fire Smoke)

This pic above (top) reminds me of my own sweet Pup Riley, who we sadly has to say our goodbyes to in May. She hated the Fourth due to the explosions.  But she loved her oils! She was an "oily dog" from the first day I had oils in my house!  It was storming, and she was naturally drawn to my diffuser which was running Peace and Calming and Lavender. Later on we introduced her to T-Away, which was her fave!  We learned that using oils was much easer and safer for her than the dog  tranquilizers, so we never went back to them. Keep the fur babies safe 🥰. Some of them have such a hard time, but you can help them be calm even if you leave the house to enjoy the festivies.


Save the date!  Our gathering this month is Tuesday July 25! (last e-mail said June....ugh).

Enjoy yummy food, essential oil tips, and a sneak peak at the new CONVENTION items!  

Registration for this one is required so I can adequately prepare, and there is a fee. Cost: A topping of a side dish!



In case you missed it, you have just two 3 days left to snag 10 EXTRA loyalty points (as in $10!) on the already generous points YL gift back on loyalty orders if you select "Process now" on your July Loyalty order.  This applies to orders of 100pv or more.  YL already gives you 10 points on all 100pv loyalty orders, so this month it's and EXTRA 10.  July 1 - 5 only, 100pv + orders get an extra 20 points total in addition to the points you already earn.

Confused? 🤣 OK, let's break it down.  I already earn 25% back on my loyalty orders.  So, for a 100 pv order, I earn 25 back in points. YL throws in an extra 10 now as they have for a while, so most months, my 100pv ordrs earn me 35 back in points. In July, it's 45!! Remember, points are the same as dollars. In case you are wondering, this is why why LOVE loyalty rewards!  

Our monthly with with purchase this month is new and unique again with another month of beautiful glass item to enhance your oiling!  I can't wait to get this spritzer!!  Have you ever made a room spray?  it's SO easy!  Just at 15 - 30 drops of your essential oil of choice,  1 tsp of vodka or witch hazel and water.  I prefer purified or bottled water, but it's not required.  My favorite oil for this is our Lushious

At 300 pv, we have KidScents MightyVites!  "Children of all ages" can benefit from this, but it will be a great perk for those of us with young children or grandchildren 🤣 It's wonderful knowing that the chewable you give your child is actually more than candy pretending to be a vitamin 😉

Tune in next week for more ideas!

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