Guess which starter bundle will earn you $75 bucks?
FAQ: Which Starter Bundles can I sell to earn $75 commission? 
Answer: ALL of them! All pictured on this updated graphic 🙌

Folks, it's SO easy to earn this, and if you have a Brand Partner account with Young Living, you and 95% of the way there!  (**details below)

And with our INCREDIBLE Black Friday week coming (Nov. 21-28) there is no better time time all year to get the ball rolling on this - even if all you ever do is tell your friends to use your referral link.  You won't be roped into any sales requirements or surprise annual fees, or any surprise fees.  Once you upgrade to Brand Partner, it's yours to keep forever!

Yep - in case you didn't notice, Young Living REALLY revved up our comp plan! So if you have ever been interested in sharing, or want to do it again, now is the time!  Especially now!   Starter Bundles are like a "forever" Black Friday sale as they are THAT good of a deal! 

You REALLY need to sit down for this!!!!
+ The Fast Start Bonus for Month 1 is now 50% commission!!!!!!!
There is NO LIMIT on what you can get paid - whatever your new Customer or new Brand Partner spends their first month - you receive 50% commission on their PV! 😱🥳😱🥳😱 To be paid this commission you ONLY need to BE a Brand Partner. You don’t have to have any CV or PV to qualify for MONTH 1 Fast Start Commission Bonuses!!!!! 🎉🎉.
(**If this is confusing, let me help!  We can chat for a better understanding, but basically it just means that you no longer have to place an order to receive commissions when you refer someone with a starter bundle 😀


You may be asking yourself this very thing:  Why?  Are the starter kits over priced?  Nope - not at all. Their goal is "oils in every home", and they are also very Brand Partner Success focused.  They always have been.  They invest in us so that more people share.  And Mary Young is brilliant, and generous, in this regard!  Sharing has always been the best advertising - because it's genuine!  

➕ All found here:

We still earn on custom orders for new clients, and custom orders are a fantastic way to also share, especially if your new person just wants specific things, so I encourage any form of sharing.  But don't forget about those starter bundles folks. They are the best deal for your friend and for you!  Feel guilty "making money" off of a referral?  SHARE it!!  Or buy your friends something with it. I love giving gifts to new clients so I'm all about option #2 here :D


Great questions!  It's super easy.  YL has made it SOOOO much easier than "the old days" where we had to find outside sources for making links!  First, you have to be a Brand Partner.  A lot of you already are and probably don't even know it!   If you are not sure if you are, contact me and I'll confirm.  If you are not a Brand Partner, you need a Brand Partner license. It's 15 bucks and it's good forever!  And for November 2022, I'll gift you back a $15 credit into your account if you purchase one.  The kit is called the Business Essentials Kit, and it also includes a FREE web site to use for 3 months if you so desire!  
To get this kit, go here:  Become a Brand Partner Just order this in YOUR account by making sure you are signed in.  YL does all the rest. Easy peasy.

Now for the fun part- sharing your link!  Here are the step by steps, both on your phone or computer:

These powerful enhancements can be used to share in a variety of ways, such as a product wish list or a single product, but to make things easy, just generate your link and share :). Remember, I'm here to walk you through this if it's a bit scary at first. 

Ready to earn a little spending cash?  Let's chat!
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