What a great Surprise!!
Young Living has a FLASH sale again this month!  The last one went over so well that they decided to do more, so - way to go deal takers !  
Log into your Young Living account and order through the SHOP option, Enter the code YLAUG15.  That's it!  15% off of everything is yours!  15% off wholesale and 15% off retail.  This sale is from August 19 through August 21, 2022 only.  Shop orders only (Loyalty orders will be at the standard wholesale prices)
And just in time for this sale, YL heard my wishes - ImmuPro is FINALLY back!  We had a packaging delay and one ingredient as well.  We only use the best, so we don't sub out for a cheaper option...which means sometimes we have to wait

ImmuPro helps me sleep and stay well.  It's my bff at night!  I don't normally have trouble sleeping unless I go to bed too late (go figure!).  But I take this one nightly as it helps me stay sleeping more efficiently, and works to rest and restore my immune system.  

Lastly, I ended up having trouble with Stripe, the company that takes payments for me.  I'm still working on resolving whatever it is they have an issue with, so in the meantime, I have removed they payment requirement for Roller Ball Mania this week.  If you wish to come,  RSVP below or via the Facebook pages. 

That's it for now!  Enjoy the sale, your weekend, and soon better sleep!

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