Who’s up for another challenge?? 

The Lymph Challenge was SO good (If you stuck with it!) and this one will be too!   Why? Because the best in my industry are not only telling us what to do. They help us understand WHY! 

We are doing back to back challenges starting with Collagen and going directly into Power Meal and Ningxia Greens. Pick one or all! It starts with our new Collagen!  A little birdie told me there may be some PRIZES in this one too - woohoo! And as always, if you brand new as my client, you get a nice gift surprise in the mail to boot. 🎁

Secret: This is my first Collagen powder. I am hearing that some people tried others but their stomach hurt. They were wondering how this one would go and are reporting no tummy aches from our Marine based Type 1 collagen!

WE START JULY 1ST! Jump in with us!
The skin is our largest organ and the stress of the last two years has wreaked havoc on it all......  IT'S TIME TO RECLAIM WHAT IS OURS and GLOW UP with a little Inner Beauty Challenge.

And along the way as an added bonus, let's give give hair and nails need some extra love too!

If you:
• Want to reduce the lines in your face
• Want to plump up your skin
• Want to glow from within
• Want to grow longer, stronger hair & nails
• Want to reduce UV & blue light damage on your skin
• Want to strengthen your skin from the inside out

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this 21 day focus may just be for you!

We can’t wait to share all about Inner Beauty Collagen on this 21 day focus!
Why stop at great hair, skin and nails?  The KEY to Longevity is WELLNESS,  FITNESS & BEAUTY  so let's keep going! After the 21 days are up, we will spend a week learning about Ningxia Greens, and a week on Power Meal. Oh yes, the wellness doesn't end, it continues on! So even if you just order Collagen, stay in for education on the other two! 

We start July 1st, so grab your products. If you are not sure how to do that,  or if it's been awhile, I'M HERE TO HELP YOU! 

LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO JUMP INTO THE CHALLENGE WITH US and I'll send you an email with the product links and also get you added into our fb group!  Just comment or reply message me with “I’m in”!  If you do no have an account yet, this order creates it for free!  If you want the 24% discount, make sure you order all 3, or put just ONE in a Loyalty order.  You can easily cancel  it next month by just emptying your cart.  Then, next time you order, repeat the process.

If you are wondering what any of this has do to with essential oils, oh friend - we are a full service wellness company!  ❤️

See you in the Challenge!  

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