Eeeekkk! The new products from the 2022 Grand Convention are here and I can't wait to tell you all about them!  Below I am highlighting just a few of the bundles available, but you will definitely want to check CLICK HERE to see everything!

You may have heard us say that we "didn't need Collagen".  And you would be right! But were referring to the common type on the market today. Problems ranged from being sourced in rather unethical ways to being full of we don't want and all the way to being junk in a can.  

But then there is also the TYPE of collagen, and why it's used.  When your goal is improving the appearance of your SKIN, you want Type 1 Collagen.  Type 2 is for muscle and bone.  

Guess what we have??

I'll give you 2 guesses, and the first doesn't count 🤣


 To help you compare, take a look at side-by-side ingredients of our Collagen and our leading competitors:

Not only does the type matter, the first ingredients listed does as well. Your first ingredient in a Collagen powder should be Collagen.  There's lots to learn, if you are interested, but the most important thing people want to know for now is:  Will it work?  and How does it Taste?

I hear it has no taste, so you can mix it with anything you want, such as your morning coffee?  I'm also seeing that people see results in as little as 3 weeks!  

I know one thing - I"M READY!  I was able to pre-order as I was part of this. years Convention, which just ended.


Convention items (this and those shown below) go on sale to all starting Monday June 20 at 9:30 am Mountain Time.  So.... be ready! 

As a reminder, our prices go up on July 1 (except for the convention items - which were released at their permanent price). Make it count and get a few extras!  

If you are local to me in Lansing IL, just a reminder that we have out Essential Scoops Class and Bracelet Class THIS THURSDAY!  Next month I'll have an open house to that we may taste this product and the others shown below!  And to smell some new oils as well!  

What Else was introduced?  Check out some of the new product and bundles below and also here!

New Skincare...

Greens and Collagen...

ONE Collection...

One Purpose...

All-In Bundle...

To get all the details on the new releases + learn even more about the stars of the show... Inner Beauty Collagen & NingXia Greens... CLICK HERE.

I would love to know what you are most excited about!

Talk to you soon!

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