Hey folks!

With all of the convention hoopla about to hit, I'm sending this out today in case it's lost in the process.

Like everyone YL has no choice but to increase our prices ON  JULY 1.  I hear it will be about 8% except for the new convention releases. Those will remain at the launch price.

This will effect everything including the STARTER BUNDLES  It's also about half of the full amount of cost increase that YL has experienced for their operating costs, which means they truly hope for a correction in pricing out there, but it doesn't look like prices will ever go down fully.  

If you are one who likes to do a "stock up" order, now is good!  If you want to throw in some Convention goodies, get your lists ready to do for next week Monday when the convention releases will be available to all.  If you never got your Young Living Membership, now is the time to grab those things you were looking for!

Remember - you can start with ANYTHING!  Just be sure to get 100pv OR start a Loyalty order in order to snag at AWESOME 24% discount!  *Loyalty orders can be cancelled and re-started at ANY time - even after one month!  It won't cancel your membership, just the auto-ship.  

As always, be on the lookout for the price levels for freebies (190, 250, 300 and 400).  If you are ordering Convention releases, you will not be able to get them on Loyalty orders in June.  But if you are NOT ordering Convention releases, consider doing a one-time loyalty reward so that you can score more freebies and some points to cash in!  

If you have any questions about this, just hit the "let's chat" button below!

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