Check out our ONLINE 101 Class and the APRIL specials!!

Online "101" Class Video

The Help Me Oil team had a blast filming a "101" intro class last night!  It's kind of a "light" version of my full class, but it's super informative - check it out!      Online Video Class       It's right in our beautiful class "group", open to all!  

We are averaging about a class a week!  Soooo much awesone info! When we hit 200 members, one lucky winner will get a set of FOUR oils!  Thieves, Joy, Citrus Fresh and Deep Relief!!

On Saturday, the Young Living Quarterly Rally will hit - I am so PUMPED!!  Why?  Because the SPRING CATALOG  will be unveiled, and that, my friends, is a HUGE day for those of us in the oil world #NewProducts!!!!!!  If you want to see what is unveiled that day, be sure to ask me!


Cool specials this month!  LOVE dryer calls again -yes!!!  My original balls from a few years ago have just about had it.  #PerfectTiming!!  LOVE Basil - it's my fave on tight muscles.  Fennel is great for digestion, skin and helps that new nursing Momma!  And Tea Tree?  EVERYONE needs #TeaTree!!  Do people tease you about #snakeoils?  Tell them to google it - k?  #nuffsaid #teatree .  Read on for more!

Oil Of The Month - GERANIUM

YEP  #Geranium

Laundry with Young Living!

Made even better with those dryer balls!

*EXTRA tips - this time Copaiba!

Oh how I LOVE #Copaiba!  Get to know this GEM!!  If it's still unopened in your starter kit, honey you are missing out!!  


Since Tea Tree is so good for skin, let's talk about  more #AMAZING #Skin products!!!  And while we are at it - #skinlovingoils!

Ok, that's all for now!  I cannot WAIT to show you the NEW products just as soon as they hit!!  #excited!

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