Hey friends!  

Some of you have been p a t i e n t l y waiting to one of this week's back in stocks.....  SANDALWOOD MOISTURE CREAM!! 

While supply chains on containers (and some of our raw ingredients) are taking their time, we slowly get things back each week!  We reject raw ingredient that don't pass our standards, and sometimes we deal with crop failures. Add container problems... well it's been a challenging year!  

Sandalwood moisture cream has been taking FOREVER to come back, but it's here! I'm not sure for how long however, as there is always talk of phasing this products out, but it's a long time customer fave!!  It's marketed as a moisturizer for your entire body, which is is, but the part of my body that sees it the most is my face.  At night.  It's my favorite night cream.  It smells amazing and is loaded with the absolute best ingredients for your skin, including Sandalwood of course!  Many of our members like to use this one with our dry mineral makeup foundation powders, so this one's return is a welcome relief!  
We also welcome back our "Juva" supplements.  We have "Juva" oils and "Juva" supplements - all targeted at cleansing the liver and keeping it healthy.  Here are some info graphics on Juvatone and  Juvapower 

While the label colors have changed, the benefits and ingredients have not!

Another excellent product that really can benefit all - Cortistop - is also back!  Cortistop is for S T R E S S!!!  Stress from life or stress from illness - we all have had it lately.  

When you are under stress all the time, your Cortisol levels (those fight or flight buddies) stay high. Like all the time. This is NOT good! So, you take some time, you get rest, but you still don't feel right. Or, you have been dealing with illness, sudden life trauma's etc - lots of reasons those Cortisol levels are too high. Cortistop can help!

Pregnenolone, Black Cohosh, Dhea combined with Clary Safe and more, this product is taken two weeks on, two weeks off. You may need one bottle, you may need 3 . You will know! 


6:30 - 8:30 PM
Please reply to this  message for the address

Agenda:  iTOVI scans, DIY Make and Take options of bar soaps, bracelets and lip balms, plus an oils class option!  

iTOVi scans from 7 - 8 ONLY!  Scans are $5 unless you have a membership.  

The rest of the evening will be dedicated to making lip balms, bar soaps and bracelets if you desire!  You can invite friends (and I will too) and if anyone needs a short essential oils, class, I'll teach it while we work on bracelets.  
RSVP's are requested so that I know how to set up.  I've set this night aside for you, so even if only 1 or 2 come, I'm good!  Come for just scans, just lip balm, just a bracelet of everything. I'm anxious to see you guys soon!

If time, I'll teach you a new bracelet option too!  

To order any of the back in stock items, just go to your Young Living account and log in.  

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That's all for now folks!  Be sure to RSVP for class by just hitting reply!  Of hit the contact button below and let me know.  It is a in person event.  
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