Young Living 2021 Holiday Launch!

Today was THE day - the day we all look sooo forward too!  And, it went off without a hitch!  YEAH 

Do you recall the 2020 launch?  It was fabulous, with amazing products, and it taught us all a very valuable lesson in patience and gratitude ;). We had a stumble with our web site platform, and spent most of the next year on our amazing rebuild form scratch.  Today was THE test, and it passed!  Shopping was a breeze!!

Wanna see all the goodies?  I'll detail them below, but here is a super quick "all in one" sway/swipe link.
Click here to see the new items!

The link above give you a quick "all in one" look.  You can also view our virtual catalog HERE

Some of my faves:  Things for the littles!


TWO new diffusers!
Both come with some SWEET oils. The new Mini Aria not only has this beautiful base, it also is bluetooth enables for music - whoot whoot!


Artisan gifts that give back with money going to our Young Living Foundation!  

These are just a few. Be sure to check out the sway link above, and enjoy!  

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