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Hello everyone!  I hope you are all staying warm!  While it seems everyone is getting sick, I hope few of you are!  Remember, you can you oils like Thieves Vitality to keep that immune system strong:

1.  Diffuse it daily
2.  Apply daily to bottoms of feet
3 .  Ingest a few drops a day via a capsule, in honey, or with some hot water mixed with honey and lemon essential oil.
4.  Consider purchasing Immupower (the oil) and ImmuPro the supplement.  Immupower diluted on the feet, ImmuPro at night before bed.  1 a day unless you are exposed.  If you are then 2.  
5.  Ningxia Red daily
6.  Life 9 at night

You may very well still get sick, but you can use your oils to get over it so much faster!  I can attest to this!  I managed to stay well for two  years now, but the last time I succumbed to the winter illness, I was over it in about 10 days!  Here are tips in case this happens to you:

1.  Detox baths:  Dissolve purification and lemon in about a 1 cup of epsom salts and soak
2.  Keep doing the tips above!
3.  If you have Oregano Vitality, take a drop or two in a capsule daily
4.  If you have Tea Tree, use it in your neti pot
5.  Do you have Super C and or ImmuPro?  Take that C during the day and 2 ImmuPro at night
6.  Ningxia Red 2x a day
7.  Consult your reference guide for more!  

The Specials

Super timley specials!!  Read below to see why these are all amazing!!  By the way - last time I was sick, it was all in my chest. My LIFE SAVER was Copaiba!


I've been a little busy - so sorry this is a bit late!  However, I always have my events on my  "Events" tab which can be found at www.HelpMeOil.com(Click here!) Just bypass the part about the mailing list - you are already on it!  

At the top of the page, there are some pull town menu tabs.  Select "Learn" and great options appear, including events!

iTovi Scan Day:  January 24, appointment only
Into to Oils Class:  January 31, 7:00 Monthly Class
Lucy Libido:  February 8.  Reservations preferred
Make and Take with intro class:  February 25 - reservations required!  


I love all of the products above!  My newest obsession is THE MAKEUP!!   Starting February 1, we ALL get a chance to buy a Savvy Minerals premium starter kit for $150 , and it's a SUPER deal because what is in it would cost us over $200 even at our member price if we purchased it piece by piece!! Stay tuned for the details!!!  


Our beloved "Angel on your shoulder" - the fabulous blend Gary Young created to help guard us from falling prey to all the negativity surrounding us and also in our own lives - is back!!  Are you somebody that can get down easily by life or by others?  This amazing oil is one powerful emotional oil!  Scent and our limbic system have a lovely relationship, and this oil, available ONLY via Essential Reward orders, is perfect for this!  Don't wait on this as supplies are limited.  If you are not in ER, I can help you place your order!  2 of these is enough to qualify for an ER order, and you can cancel it at any time after that, unless you fall in love with ER like the rest of us :D


Blue Tansy, not available as a single oil for over TWO YEARS, is back!

This amazing product, hard to source but worth the work, is a key ingredient in both Peace and Calming and Valor, not to mention many of YL's fabulous top-notch skin care products.  Lots of uses for this oil!  

It's an investment, to be sure, but a little goes a long way!  And, it's blue - so it's super fun to use in a home made bath salt or room freshener! You can get this in a quick order or and ER.

While these photo's don't show the emotional uses, believe me, it's wonderful for that too!


My "workout" has consisted of moving and cleaning at our investment property in Florida lol!  And also back home here - due to the whole house painting etc.  I really through myself into it this time, and boy am I SORE some days!  I really need to get stronger, it's clear!  Oola Fitness is going in my next ER!  The work I do now is fun, but exercise, not so much lol!  

Enjoy the rest of January!!  I appreciate you all <3
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