Now extended through Saturday, July 31 the entire Young Living  site is 10% OFF!! Not kidding!!   (This is a FIRST!) ALL kits, ALL products, All collections!!!

AND...ANYONE can become a Young Living discount member now with any size order! That means you get our wholesale 24% discount - just as long as you order via "subscription" (cancel at any time!) OR, you place a 100pv order that standard way on your first order.  
Save 10% MORE by using code JULY10 {not case sensitive} at checkout   on both one-time orders and on subscription orders between July 29 – July 30!!  Yep, this 10% off is on top of the 24% standard wholesale discount, and it's for all existing and new discount members!

  • No limits apply. 
  • No PV minimum. 
  • US Only
  • No points redemption orders
Yes, you heard that correctly—ALL orders, any product, and place as many one-time orders as you would like and save 10 percent. Yay to summer savings!  And chin-up, everyone who already ordered via subscription this month ... which is everyone who HAS a subscription 😉. All of them will have already run for the month by the time this sale starts. So, consider this a little "perk" to new subscribers ♥️ AND a big perk for EVERYONE! 

Have you been on our all new spiffy and upgraded web site in the last month or so????  If not, it will look different!  Even if you HAVE been on our web site since the beginning of July, subtle changes are made daily to enhance our new shopping platform.  Here is what we have learned this month:
  1. The search bar is where you start!  That search bar lets you chose  if you want your order as a one-time order,  select "Add To Cart" (earlier this month, this said "One Time Purchase".  So please note this change". If you want to add it to Subscribe to Save (STS) - formerly Essential Rewards (ER), select "Add to Subscription".  Terms have changed, but the concept is not!  As always, you can change AND/or cancel ANY subscription as any time!!
  2. If you are not on any current running subscriptions, the price you see on your search is currently showing as the full non-discounted price.  If your membership is current, as soon as you add it to cart or subscription, your discount shows up!  If you are not a member, or your membership has lapsed, just add it the subscription and your discount shows up!  OR, make a 100pv or more one time purchase to get that discount rolling again.
So you get your wish lists ready - Thursday and Friday are your days to SHOP!!!  Just Click Here to get started!  

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