Now it's EASIER THAN EVER to get a DISCOUNT membership with Young Living!!  

Today's the day!!  It's finally here!! You can join Young Living now with ANY PURCHASE!   

While we still have fantastic starter bundles at SUPER discounts, they are no longer required. 
Nope - you can now join Young Living with ANY purchase and get a member discount!  

What's a 
It's a 24% discount baby!  It's the same price I pay!  

Let's explore how

Just go to and navigate over to "Place and Order".  
Or, go directly to my referral linkHERE

Here is a little "how to" to get your discount.
(But go HERE TO ORDER for step 1)

I explain this for you here in in my IGTV training:   Click here to view.

So easy!  Remember - there are NEVER any orders required on Subscription as you can cancel at anytime!  And you have ME to help you.

For those of you who are current or former discount members of Young Living, "Subscribe" may look a bit like our Essential Rewards Program.  The key difference now is that "Subscribe" is your discount membership, and can be set for 1 month, 2 months of 3 months. (Or, you just cancel).  As long as you have anything in the "Subscribe" section of your account, you get 24% off. Or, if you just want 100pv of products on a one time order - you get 24% off for a yea.   If you subscribe, it's super flexible - you change as you desire!


Points are now part of what is called our Loyalty Program.  Loyalty points start getting paid out as soon as your "subscribe" order hits 50pv or more! 

One update to the above:  10% in  Loyalty points are paid out in subscription orders that are 50pv or more even if they are placed two months or three months apart.  Your points do not go up, and you do not get loyalty products unless you do consecutive order.  

Who's excited!!  Woohoo!  

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