Highest Potential - an exceptional blend!

Let's take a look "under the hood" at one of the most exceptional oil blends from Young Living, called Highest Potential.  

To do that, maybe you need to start taking a look at you!  Do you feel special?  Is there anything you are "good" at? Do you feel like you have a valid contribution to offer to the world, to a group, to a conversation? 

The answer to that is YES!!!  But if you are having a little trouble believing in that....my friend, this is your oil.  

Maybe you already know what your calling and/or gift is, but you are struggling with energy and or belief.  You know you have what it takes, but you are not sure you can pull it out today.  Is that you?  You need Highest Potential!  

But what is this stuff? How does it help?  Let's start with a little info about this oil.  

๐Ÿง  What IS in Highest potential?
 *Blue Cypress
 *Gathering (a YL blend) 
*Ylang Ylang.

 ๐Ÿ“– (In the product guide you'll see the full list of every oil instead in Gathering)
The  selection of these oils, made by none other than our incredible founder - the man, the myth, the legend, the INCREDIBLE  Gary Young, shows us just how amazing his INCREDIBLE wisdom and intuition was.  Others may just throw oils together for a smell and give it a groovy name.  But if you know anything at all about how essential oils work WITH you, you understand exactly how special the frequencies and energies of nature can impact us.  With just a little knowledge, you  see just how perfect it was to combine these. But Gary did more than match up oils like some kind of "oils dating game" ๐Ÿ˜‰ He understood them separately because he learned how natural composition, biology and frequency would create a measurable impact on humans.  

 It's not hippy dippy stuff either. These are measured responses๐Ÿ”ฌ ,  tested by scientific equipment used everywhere, including NASA ๐Ÿš€. If you can measure the effect of a synthetic product, you most CERTAINLY can measure the effects of a natural one!  If this is tough to understand, then think about plants such as tobacco or marijuana.   Those are natural products that produce a measurable result in living creatures, as are all living things.  Plants are not just food and decorations....they are nature's medicine.  Not all plants create helpful a measurable response in humans, therefore not all become essential oils sold by Young Living. 

Plants as Medicine:  Today, those words used together are literally not allowed.  Isn't that strange? The AMA and FDA will now ALLOW us to call plants medicine!  Yet here I am, pushing the envelope and saying it anyway until they tell me to take it down.  Why?  Because it's original truth.  What did people do prior to the 1700's?   Or prior to year Zero? How in the world did anyone become healed or survive? What did the Doctors even do?  Doctors were using plants to heal and survive for centuries.  It's all they had.  No Walgreens, no Target or CVS in Ancient Rome ๐Ÿ˜‰  Nope - the earth was it.  Ahhh - maybe now you see!   When you begin to look at plants the way they were intended (created by God for our use), you can open your mind to how someone like Gary Young was able to teach us.  

Gary studied each plant. He studied their histories and ancient uses.    He learned from the masters of these crafts world wide, and he also become a pioneer in this research as he expanded that craft. He used science, not just whims!   By the way - even synthetic therapies begin in nature....otherwise where would they come from?  Where do all raw materials come from? (Nature - but now altered)  When did we lose our trust of plant therapy?  Why does a natural product need to become a synthetic product to "work"? (The short answer to that is "control and a lack of trust in nature...)

I want you to understand that when Gary made a blend and gave it a name, it wasn't a marketing gimmick. This oil blend called Highest Potential was created, considering all you now know, to help you become your best YOU. 

 EVERY PERSON is special!  We all are fearfully and wonderfully made by the intelligent creator. We have minds hearts and souls, and trillions of living breathing cells that fully react to our environment.  But we also have unique gifts to OFFER to our environment. 

YOU ARE special!  You are unique, and baby - you DO have what it takes to get it done!   Highest potential, worn on your ears, dropped on your brain, worn behind the neck, on energy points or even on your feet, will help you tap into your amazing self.   NEVER let the world put you in a box or un-person you!  You are you.  If you feel the world has "removed you" - well it's time you showed them just who you are!  You are special, and dearly loved โค๏ธ

๐ŸŽฅ Here is a short video instruction on this gem! Highest Potential

Use your oils folks!  You wont' be sorry ♥๏ธ. And don't forget about our May 2021 sales!  May 2021 specials

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