FREE Orange Essential Oil in September!

Yep! For this entire month, anyone who begins their essential oil journey with Young Living Oils via my enrollment link will receive a FREE 15ml bottle of one of my absolute favorite essential oils, Orange!!  

I love this stuff.  It's mood boosting!  

Not just there... (ahem!)  Diffusing it will improve your mood in all situations. Bright, fresh, full of the goodness from the orange peel to instantly make you feel better. In fact, that's the only ingredient - the essential oil from the peel of an orange.  NOTHING else is in here -which is true of all Young Living single essential oils! 

More great things about orange:

Orange also comes in the ingestable vitality line, and many LOVE using it with the toothpaste as a natural teeth brightener!!

Let's #GetUSome!  Not only will you get the free book and the free extra oil, your starter kit comes with over $300 worth of material which includes a membership for life!!  

 Memberships entitle you to a discount of 24%. And, you get continued training to best help you safely learn essential oil use. What is not to love about this!!

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