M-Grain?  What's that for??  😉
M-Grain! It's all in the Name!

Yah, it's really no secret what this one is for!

It's name says it all - this one was created for what it's name implies, the things  that Peppermint and Panaway just won't touch!
This amazing blend has:
Basil, which is a fantastic muscle relaxer and smells soooo good, as well as another of my absolute favorite oils Marjoram!
Marjoram stops those muscle spasms!
Lavender and Roman Chamomile are so relaxing to both the body and brain
Helichrysum is one of our "wonder oils" that, like Frank and Lav and Copaiba, just help EVERYTHING! Helichrysum is in Panaway - clearly an oil for is excellent for severe pain!
Many things cause Migraines, and getting to the root cause of them is important. But sometimes balance is also a key part of the equation, and you could benefit from using this oil daily for a while to see if you can reduce the occurrence of those killer headaches! And of course, use DURING one!   Worth taking a second look at M-Grain!
Take a look at this video training on M-Grain:  IGTV Video!  (And follow my channel for lot like this! 

 - Gayle -

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