10 years ago, today, I honored my promise to my sponsor that I would order my starter kit of oils "on July 4".  It was the first day I had a chance to sit down and look into things and decide.   🥰
I just wanted some oils to "try".  I had no idea a new business was waiting for me, but, like many things in life,  you turn around, and there it is! ❤ 

 To honor the occasion, I have this special offer today for NEW and REACTIVATING clients, and if you are already one of my current clients, you saw YOUR special "no obligation" raffle yesterday.  If you missed it, be sure to check your e-mails!  But if you are my client, don't stop reading - I have a NEW offer for your friends! 

10 years ago, on the 4th of July, I ordered my oils.  A few weeks later, I started USING them.  USING Is the operative word here - so many people buy them and look at them 

The oils and other products not only changed my life and grew my knowledge in natural healing techniques, it also gave me a small biz and a community of people that has also changed my life!  New friends with an INCREDIBLE collection of wisdom and support! (They will be your friends too)  To think - I could have missed this! I believe this was actually a calling 🙏.  The amount of testimonies and thank-you's I have received through the years affirms that!

To celebrate my 10 year anniversary, I am offering as a "Fourth of July Sale" this diffuser choice and a $5 Starbucks card for all new or REACTIVATING clients that chose me as their sponsor and enroller (Along with the usual goody-bag my new clients receive)   And you will also get a chance at (or two!) at a $50 product credit that I'm also doing for my clients for this occasion.  It's a great time to join! Especially if you have been intrigued by the reset kit!! 

This is a GREAT time to get started, especially if you have been eyeing up that RESET kit - which is one of the eligible sets!  See them all here Starter Bundles

**Offer expires July 12

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