Let's Learn About Longevity Blend!

Have you ever heard of or tried the essential oils blend from Young Living called 
Longevity and Longevity Vitality are "must have" oils in my oily toolkit!

Sometimes it's labelled as an oil for the "silvers".....but nope - it's an oil so that you can keep you as healthy as possible UNTIL you get to enjoy this part of your life - AND during it as well!  

πŸ‚ The 5ml Longevity Vitality is free this month at 250pv, and many of you will be getting it.  For some of you, it may be new.  For some of you, you may have received it before, opened it, quickly put on the cap and never looked at it again 🀣
It's not exactly an oil you grab as your quick perfume when you go out the the door, and you will probably NEVER diffuse this (unless you are ill)
HOWEVER...  This oil. Amazing!!!!
Does anyone want to increase their vitality and LONGEVITY in life? Yes please, right?
Add this to a capsule, take daily, and notice what changes you start seeing! Not only is this an incredible oil to help with the appearance of your skin {when taken as a supplement}, this blend contains oils that support so many body systems. πŸŒΏπŸ’—
It contains Thyme which supports your liver, heart, and brain. It has Orange oil which contains over 90% d-limonene - go research that! It has Clove oil which has the highest known antioxidant power as measured by ORAC. And then it contains Frankincense. ✨
This combo makes this blend a powerful tool for your wellness.

🌻  Uses for Longevity Vitality:
βž•Put 1–2 drops of Longevity Vitality in a glass of water or tea
βž• Take with Master Formula to support and improve overall wellness.
βž• Add anywhere from 1  to 7 (your choice_ drops to a capsule to support a healthy immune system and keep you looking young!

Longevity comes in both the aromatic/ topical label as well as the vitality line. The Longevity blend is the key ingredient in the Longevity supplement also which was designed as a daily antioxidant maintenance program to support your body from the harmful effects of our modern day life style. It has an ORAC Score of 150,000 and provides 700 times the antioxidant power of carrots. And contains DNA protecting essential oils. When taken as a dietary supplement it prevents premature aging. It also protects DHA levels for brain function, cardiovascular health, promotes health cell regeneration, supports the liver, increases immune function, and strengthens the nervous system!
This blend is slightly herbaceous because it contains powerhouse oils like:

Thyme: Is known for its anti aging and antioxidant properties. Thymes main constituent Thymol is used in many OTC products such as mouthwash and chest rubs because of its purifying properties. It's herbaceous fragrance influence may be beneficial for those overcoming fatigue and exhaustion. ( Those Antioxidants)

Orange: we all know Orange is uplifting and boosts immunity and induces relaxation 
 It's key constituent in Limonene which is a powerhouse antioxidant.

Clove: Fun Fact The Island of Ternate were free from epidemics up until the 16th century when Dutch conquerors destroyed the clove trees that flourished on the islands. It's a key ingredient in Thieves and Healers in China and India have used clove buds since ancient times for healing. And the main constituent of clove Eugenol has been used in the dental industry for years as a numbing agent. It's super high in antioxidants ( one of the most potent natural options ) which make it ideal for antiaging, numbing for pain, and toothaches. It is also a mental stimulant.

Frankincense: used to be valued more than gold for its healing properties as its found in the Ebers Papyrus an ancient Egyptian list of 877 prescriptions and recipes. We know that it is amazing for grounding and our skin.

Boosts Glutathione you say???  Lets chat about that in this video training:

Live long and prosper your health ❀️

~ Gayle ~

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