October Young Living Specials, Recipes, Tips and Tricks!
Welcome, October!
Fall is such a lovely time, isn't it?  Not too cold yet, beautiful colors in the leaves, pumpkins and Mums, and the sweet sweet sound of post season baseball.....  :D  We are Cubs fans here! I recall doing Facebook Classes last year in between innings lol!

Fall is also a time when people get back to their oils (if theY fell off of them that is!) When they get serious about stocking up for winter, be it for gifts to others or for strengthening their own immune systems.  Safe home scenting is also a big big thing for fall!!  Here are a few of my favorite fall diffuser blends!



First, lets begin with the wonderful benefits of the October promo!  Cinnamon bark vitality is not only fun in baking and hot cider, but it's great for your immune system and balancing those blood sugar levels too!
Raven and Breathe Againfor the respiratory system, and Digize for the digestive system -oils you embrace this winter! And EVERYONE needs their daily dose of Vitamin C.

This vitamin C is not yo momma's typical run of the mill chewable.  Nope - this one has an exclusive blend of Camu Camu, Acerola, Cherry and Rose Hips,  just to this awesome! Camu Camu is PACKED with vitamin C!  Here is an interesting article about just what Camu Camu is:  Camu Camu facts

Enjoy this fun way to cook with Cinnamon Bark!

Oil Spotlight:  Joy!

Hitting the gym again, now that all the summer stuff is winding down?  Don't forget your oils!

Wind down at the end of the busy day with GREAT SLEEP!  Here are a few of our faves.  I also love Nutmeg, Marjoram and Vetiver. If you need some ideas for sleep, let me know and I'll do my best to give you some tips!  

Things are JUST getting started for us - October is chock full of surprises! Stay tuned for new product announcements!!

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