So what's with the out of stock items anyway......
Well, I'll get to that in a minute, but first, check out what IS coming back on January 28!  

ðŸĨģ Back In Stocks ðŸĨģ  
Have you every tried the blend Harmony???  Oh friend - it's just amazing!!!  My hubby and I both like this one on the VERY stressful/frustrating days!  
No limits and available on S*H*O*P or ER unless otherwise notated. 🙌ðŸŧ🙌ðŸŧ🙌ðŸŧ These should all be back before 10AM MST on Thursday January 28!!!!
ðŸŒē Idaho Blue Spruce, 5ml
Item No.: 3093
ðŸŒū Lemongrass, 15ml
Item No.: 3581
💗 Yacon Syrup
Item No.: 4570
🌋 LavaMint Foot Scrub
Item No.: 25152
ðŸĨģ Neroli, 5ml
Item No.: 3088
ðŸŒī Royal Hawaiian Hydrosol
Item No.: 26940

Super Cal Plus
Item No.: 20240
🧘ðŸŧ‍♀ïļ Harmony, 15ml
Item No.: 3351
ðŸŒŋ Cistus, 5ml

So, what's taking so long with things like EVERY SINGLE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER!  (ok that may be an exaggeration but it sure feels like it....)

Well, here is the deal:  We are in a business deal with nature.  We don't outsource our essential oils, so if an essential oil is part of the issue, then we wait.  We are also very picky about ingredients, and if the proper ingredients are up to our standards are not available, we also wait.  And, we are at the mercy of our suppliers, like everyone is, for packaging and logistics for those materials.  We've been pretty creative in the past regarding packaging.  But raw materials can be an issue.  

Soooooo, if you have every waited and waited and WAITED for something to come back in stock (Hello Agilease, Progressence Plus, Deep Relief, Frankincense (ONE YEAR!) Valor, Peace and Calming, Super B, Mirah hair oil - just to name a few things I waited forever for in the past, and Thieves Dishwashing Powder - waiting for in the now (not like I'm keeping SCORE or anything - ha!), you have learned two things:

1. The wait is ultimately worth it. I can say that with all of my heart!
2.  Always have spares of your must haves!!

Nestled in the virtual office, you will find current sock lists.  Often, products do come in earlier than anticipated.  In the mean time, consider trying our KidScents Shampoo and/or Animal Scents Shampoos.  I'm not even kidding lol!  Once you are using natural shampoos, going back is tough - and so not worth it!!  

Hang in there folks!  Things will come in!  If you need any help, be sure to contact me! 

- Gayle - 

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