So you've just discovered essential oils and now you want to make your own stuff!!! Or, you've had them a while and thought "Man I sure wish I knew how to make my own eye-lash serum or deodorant!"

Your search is over!!!  My team has collected OODLES of tried and true DIY recipes (emphasis on TRIED)   and we are willing to share them with you!  Just join my e-mail list today!  Remember, these recipes are safe if you use an oil like Young Living!  You must be carefully with what you place on your skin, and there are some foodie type recipes enclosed as well, so read your labels or call the company if you are choosing to not use the best of the best from Young Living!

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While you are at it, if you want to learn all about how to use our amazing oils while testing them out at the same time, check out The Essential Oil Experience! 
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