Will the 14 Day Reset Change my Life?

Will the 14 Day Reset Change my Life?

When you start a journey towards improving your health, you may right away things about what you will give up.  

In the "14-Day Reset", it's all about  adding in something delicious, and learning your choice of potential new skills other tools to "jump start" your existing or potentially stalled wellness goals!  Learn how we took one of our oldest and most beloved products and incorporated it into a whole new way to kick off some great habits and kick out some unwanted problems!  

Whether you are suffering from excess weight, unexplained or unwanted health issues, lack of energy and drive, mood swings, frustration, a new disturbing diagnosis, digestive, hormonal and even vision issues, the "14-Day Reset" is something you need to think about!  Join me to learn more, learn from others, and try NingXia Red.  You won't be sorry that you came! (But you may be sorry that you missed it!)

WHEN:  Thursday July  25 at 6:30 pm
Where:  Gayle's house in Lansing (address will be emailed to you)
RSVP:  Requested